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Tyr bith tacna sum, healdeth trywa wel with aethelingas
Or: the winner takes it all

The Back

t-Rune (Tir) biþ tacna sum, healdeð trywa wel
wiþ æþelingas; a biþ on færylde
ofer nihta genipu, næfre swiceþ.

t-Rune (Tir*) is a (guiding) star, well does it keep faith
with princes; it is always on its course
over the mists of night and never fails.

*Tir (name of the rune t-Rune) is also the name of the planet Mars and the OE. word for NE. 'honour', 'glory', 'ornament'

Having procured his client divine assistance at travel and war, the rune master now wants to provide victory, by which he gains dom, dignity, and along with it weorþ, a hero's highest goal in life, i.e.power and glory.

Again our erilaz rummages through the library of his local monastery, looking for a suitable topic. He may have found it in some illuminated codex, a Historia Mundi, which Benedict Biscop or Wilfrid had brought back from Rome: Titus, the Roman general and later emperor conquering and destroying Jerusalem in 70 AD. That was exactly what he had been looking for! The appropriate event with the appropriate person and, most important, the appropriate name bearing the magic rune.


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